After losing Gigi I also lost my ability to watch television. I couldn't watch anything violent or anything where anyone died. It was a shock at first. I thought I could "go back" to my old shows and then all of a sudden I'm bawling and shutting off the tv.

Here's a beginning to a list of tv show TO WATCH and ones NOT TO WATCH. I did my best, but I can't claim that this list is perfect! Let me know if I missed anything or what you have to add! HUGS!

In my research I came across this site!  It is specific to pregnant belly sightings so it doesn’t always talk about loss/violence/death.  Lots of good info there!!!    The Belly Guide

"Safe" TV Shows

Everyone’s barometer for triggers is so different!

These shows have

  • No pregnancies

  • No babies

  • No major death events

  • No violence

Ted Lasso

This show is ADORABLE. An American Football coach is brought over to Britain to coach "Football" (soccer).

Apple TV

Kim's Convenience

This show is super cute and funny. The Korean Canadian Kim Family runs a convenience store. The Kim's and their two adult children are the main characters and the show depicts their daily lives!


Izzy's Koala World

My husband laughed at me, but I'm telling you.... This cute kid from Australia helps her Vet. mom take care of injured and sick Koalas. ADORABLE.


Mozart in the Jungle

Silly and soap opera-y about the life of musicians. No babies or pregnancy!


Great British Baking Show

If you haven't watched this yet... do it now.


A World of Calm

My husband found this while we were researching for this page! "A timely antidote for our modern lives, each half-hour episode takes audiences on an immersive visual journey into another world. Transporting the viewer into tranquility through scientifically-engineered narratives, enchanting music and astounding footage, to naturally calm your body and soothe the mind. Each story is brought to life by a different iconic voice." Idris Elba and Keanu Reeves can read me bedtime stories anytime!


Cooking Shows in General

These tend to be pretty safe! You can always double check hosts/contestants/etc before watching.

HGTV, Food Network, Netflix, etc

House Shows *can* be okay

These can be safe, but with house shows, home improvement and home organizing there always seems to be a couple getting pregnant or is pregnant or just had a baby. I would tread cautiously. At least with a lot of these you can read the little blurb beforehand to see what random couple is on.

HGTV, Food Network, Netflix, etc

Watchable with caution

Everyone’s barometer for triggers is so different!

These shows have some content with pregnancy OR death.
I’ve outlined it here so you can decide if you want to try it!

Married at First Sight

I have not seen this, but it was suggested! People marry a complete stranger and then their life is documented. At the end they decide if they'll stay together. Seems like common sense would say there's probably talk of babies at some point.


The Good Place

The subject matter of the show is death and afterlife, however I find it's more focused on how people lived their lives. This could be triggering for some. There aren't any pregnancies or babies.


Queer Eye

The 5 main characters are amazing humans who help "normal people" to revamp their lives. It is incredibly uplifting, but it does deal with heavy subject matter at times because people talk about their vulnerability and personal issues. You will probably cry. No pregnancy or babies. (Side note: JVN is my fav.)



This British comedy is hilarious. The show revolves around an old estate that a young couple inherits. There are 10? 'ghosts' that reside there and eventually the young woman who owns the house is able to see and communicate with them. All of these ghosts are actual characters that are stuck in this house wearing whatever they were wearing when they died. From a caveman to a politician with no pants on... (No pregnancy, no babies)


Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Everyone loves Buffy! However, since there are Vampires... there is death subject matter, like all the time..


Good Witch

The main characters Cassie and Grace "share a gift of enchanted insight and magical intuition." There is mention of death and a main character does die towards the beginning of the show. I have not watched this, but from my research there are no babies or pregnancies.


May be okay for some, but not for others. Specific triggers listed.

Everyone’s barometer for triggers is so different!

These shows have some content with pregnancy OR death.  No miscarriage or baby loss though.  I’ve outlined the episodes/season arcs that have problematic subject matter.

New Girl

Honestly, this was my "go to" after Gigi died. It was the only show I watched. However, there is still death/pregnancy subject matter: **Season 2 Ep. 9 Main characters have fertility conversations and worry about their biological clocks. **Season 2 Ep. 20 Main Character's Dad dies. ** Season 4 Ep. 10 - Baby shower for a supporting character. **Season 4 Ep. 19 Non Main Character death. **Season 6 Ep. 22 - main character pregnant and now you can't get away from it....



Pretty lawyers in fancy clothes being dramatic. woot! **Season 8 begins a long arc while a main character tries to get pregnant and does get pregnant. After that it's hard to avoid. Here are the highlights: . **Season 8 Ep. 4 there is a semi-violent mugging. **Season 8 Ep. 5 - fertility talks. **Season 8 Ep. 7 False-positive pregnancy test. **Season 8 Ep. 10 Pregnancy announcement. **Season 8 Ep. 12/13 a newborn baby appears (supporting character's kid) **Season 9 Ep. 10 - Main character has a baby.


30 Rock

Oldie, but a goodie. **Season 1 Ep 9 Liz has maternal thoughts and freaks out. **Season 2 Ep. 15 Liz has a pregnancy scare and decides to adopt a baby. ** Season 3 Ep. 11 - While Jack is in church the priest prays over pregnant women and they are shown on screen. **Season 3 Ep. 13 Liz tries to adopt a baby of a pregnant teen. **Season 5 - Jack's girlfriend is pregnant this season. She doesn't appear often, but the subject matter is there. She gives birth in Ep. 14. **Season 5 Ep. 2- Tracy's wife goes into labor - it's all very brief. **Season 5 Ep. 20 Jenna gets the idea that getting pregnant will get her media attention. **Season 7 Ep. 12 a supporting character is visibly pregnant.


Schitt's Creek

In general this is pretty baby free and very funny! Season 4, Ep. 2 - A positive pregnancy test is found and chaos ensues. After this episode a supporting character is pregnant. Season 4, Ep. 10 Baby Shower for supporting character. Season 4, Ep. 12 Baby is born and remains in the show, but not in the forefront.



Romance novel(ish) new series. There is talk of having babies, children and family, etc. One supporting character is pregnant throughout most of the show. Specific trigger warnings: Episode 2. "Flashback" to birth where mother dies. & Supporting character is pregnant. Episode 7. Supporting character tries to end her pregnancy. Episode 8. Main character has a baby - they show the birth.


DUH! Don't watch this!

These shows have all the triggers!

ANY Hospital Show AT ALL

I was all "I'm going to catch up on Grey's" then the first episode I watched was a kid being wheeled into the hospital in terrrrrible shape. Yup. Duh. No hospital shows. Not sure why I didn't realize that... OH WAIT, cuz I didn't yet know that my whole previous TV life was now ruined.

All TV everywhere

Super Hero Stuff

You know you! I stay away from a lot of these because of the violence. However, remember that most of these super heros are built upon tragedy. They overcome lots and lots of tragedy and hardship and it comes out in these movies.

All TV everywhere

Police / Detective Shows

Again, you know you! However, at some point a kid will be kidnapped or someone will be murdered..... I stay away from all of them now.

All TV everywhere

Loss Trigger Warnings

These shows all have miscarriage or loss subject matter.

(more will be added)

Firefly Lane

Season 1 Episode 9 - Miscarriage - Hospitalization, graphic nature (blood) and continued dicussion of miscarriage.


Hope is stronger than fear.