Grief can be very shocking to your entire world. Finding comfort and knowledge in books can help you as you rebuild your world.

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Pregnancy and Infant Loss

From Mother to Mother: On the Loss of a Child

Emily R. Long LPC

Surviving the loss of a child is an unbearable pain. Yet it is a pain that so many grieving mothers bear every day. The aftermath of child loss can be filled with grief, anguish, guilt, rage, fear, loneliness, and a terrible sense of failure. Mama, you are not alone. You did not fail. This was not the motherhood you had planned, yet it remains beautiful and filled with steadfast love. In this book, dozens of mothers living without their precious children put their heart into words to share with other grieving mothers. Our hope is that in the darkest, loneliest hours of this life after loss, you will find some small comfort in the words of another mother who has been where you are now. When you feel alone, when you feel broken, when it feels too much to bear – reach for us and we will be there.

A Broken Heart Still Beats: After Your Child Dies

Anne McCracken and Mary Semel

Grief comes in all sizes and shapes, and turbulent times can trigger memories of our hardest moments. These resources, from and for survivors of deep loss, are meant to offer comfort and clarity. While nothing can mute the pain after the death of a child, this compilation of poetry, fiction, and essays about the pain, stages, grief, and coping offer inspiration and comfort in the wake of tragedy. How Two Grieving Mothers Found Inspiration and Comfort. There are few, if any, events in life as traumatic, heart-wrenching, and crushing as the death of a child. While nothing can mute the pain of such a life-shattering loss, others who know this experience can help those suffering articulate the chaos of their feelings and see that they can, eventually, feel whole again. Organized by a journalist and a psychotherapist, each of whom has lost a child, A Broken Heart Still Beats is a remarkable compilation of poetry, fiction, and essays about the pain, stages of grief, and the coping and healing process that follows the death of one's child.

Saying Goodbye: A Personal Story of Baby Loss and 90 Days of Support to Walk You Through Grief

Zoe Clark-Coates

Losing a baby, whether through miscarriage, stillbirth or neonatal death, leaves so many parents lost in grief and full of unanswered questions. Zoë Clark-Coates, and her husband Andy, have personally faced the loss of five babies. Out of their experiences came the charity The Mariposa Trust (more often known by its leading division Saying Goodbye), offering support to thousands of grieving parents and relatives around the world each week. Now, Zoë writes a moving account of their experiences and how they found a way through to provide help and support for others. Alongside this are 90 days of daily support for those who are grieving, offering comfort and hope during the difficult days, weeks and months.

Still: A Collection of Honest Artwork and Writings from the Heart of a Grieving Mother

Stephanie Paige Cole

When Stephanie Cole's daughter died of unknown causes one week after her due date, it shook her to her very core and set her on a journey into the depths of grief. Stephanie faced her loss head-on, using creative expression as a tool to navigate her way through the intensity of her emotions, and allowing herself to grieve honestly and on her own terms. In her new book, Still: a collection of honest artwork and writings from the heart of a grieving mother, Stephanie invites us in for an intimate look at that first dark year without her daughter.

Navigating the Unknown: An Immediate Guide When Experiencing the Loss of Your Baby

Amie Lands

"How does a grieving parent survive when their beloved baby has died? Bereaved families often find themselves navigating an unknown world of grief after experiencing stillbirth or infant loss. When faced with this unimaginable situation, this is the book that families need immediately to help guide them through their loss." Navigating the Unknown, An Immediate Guide When Experiencing the Loss Of Your Baby is a handbook for bereaved parents, those who love them, and the medical staff who care for them. This book has been written to serve and guide families when they receive a life-limiting diagnosis and in the days immediately following the loss of their precious baby. It is a book that all parents hope they will never have to read, created to support those who have been thrust into a world in which their baby will never come home. This book encompasses everything that you need to know about navigating the unfamiliar journey of grief. It covers all the unexpected decisions that need to be made when a parent faces such devastating news, and follows through the first year and after, including: *informing others *experiencing grief *taking care of oneself *asking for help *how to re-enter into the world *having "grocery store conversations" *holidays, birthdays, anniversaries *how to memorialize, honor and celebrate your precious baby Whether the loss is recent, beyond the first year, or you are simply the loved one of a grieving parent, Navigating the Unknown will gently walk with you through this devastating experience.

Sunshine After the Storm: A Survival Guide for the Grieving Mother

Alexa H. Bigwarfe

Have you recently suffered a miscarriage, delivered a baby stillborn, lost an infant, or an older child? This book is the comfort and encouragement that you need to get you through the darkest of days. Mothers who have actually experienced these horrible events share their best tips and encouragement and resources to help mothers who are trying to pick themselves up after the death of a child, loss of an infant, or miscarriage. You will hear directly from them - how they survived, what helped, what didn't help, the dumb things people said, how they grieved with their other children, and more. This book will be the virtual hug you need from other mothers who know your pain and understand that it's not something you can just move on, or "get over" in a few weeks, months, and sometimes years.

You Are Not Alone: Love Letters from Loss Mom to Loss Mom

Emily R. Long LPC

This book is a simple book of love written for you, a grieving loss mom, from other loss moms who have also heard those life-altering, soul-shattering words, “I’m sorry there is no heartbeat” or “I’m sorry, your baby is gone.” In the pages of this book, we share letters of love from our hearts to yours with the hope that, maybe, in the darkest, loneliest hours of grief, you will find a little bit of comfort in the words of another mother who has been where you are now. Our deepest desire is for you to know that you are not alone. We are with you. Although we desperately wish we didn’t have a reason to, we lovingly welcome you to our community of sister-mothers of loss. Let us wrap you in love and be a light in the darkness of grief.

Empty Arms: Hope and Support for Those Who Have Suffered a Miscarriage, Stillbirth, or Tubal Pregnancy

Pam Vredevelt

They are the most dreaded words an expectant mother can hear. As joy and anticipation dissolve into confusion and grief, painful questions refuse to go away: Why me? What did I do wrong? Doesn't God care? With the warmth and compassion of a licensed counselor and a Christian woman who has suffered miscarriage herself, Pam Vredevelt offers sound answers, advice, and reassurance to the woman fighting to maintain faith in this heartbreaking situation. Now in a fresh, contemporary cover, Empty Arms: Emotional Support for Those Who Have Suffered a Miscarriage, Stillbirth, or Tubal Pregnancy is the essential guidebook through the agony of losing a child.

You Are the Mother of All Mothers - A Message of Hope for the Grieving Heart

Angela Miller

Let every grieving mom know she is the mother of all mothers. A gift book to comfort + reaffirm mothers following the death of a child of any age. There are few books that address the weight of guilt and shame that a grieving mother carries after the loss of her child. The deep feeling of failure that accompanies child loss can cripple the heart, mind, and soul. Reengaging in life after loss and attempting to find hope again is an ongoing battle— one no bereaved mother should fight alone. No matter the age of cause of death, no matter the story, this book is for you, sweet mama. 6.25 x 6.25, 88 pages, hardcover gift book, full color art interior + velum dust jacket.

Just Keep Breathing: Unfiltered Thoughts on Life After Loss, the Struggle of Grief, and Learning to Hope Again

Jordan Tate

Just Keep Breathing is a true story of loss, grief, and hope. It was written in the midst of tragedy and speaks to the difficulty of enduring through unchangeable, heartbreaking circumstances. This story is meant to shed light on the arduous matter of grieving one’s children and being okay with not being okay.

Empty Cradle, Broken Heart: Surviving the Death of Your Baby

Deborah L. Davis

The heartache of miscarriage, stillbirth, or infant death affects thousands of U.S. families every year. Empty Cradle, Broken Heart, Third Edition offers reassurance to parents who struggle with anger, guilt, and despair during and after such a tragedy. In this new and updated edition, Deborah Davis encourages grieving and strives to cover many different kinds of loss, including information on issues such as the death of one or more babies from a multiple birth, pregnancy interruption, and the questioning of aggressive medical intervention. There is also a special chapter for fathers as well as a chapter on "protective parenting" to help anxious parents enjoy their precious living children. Doctors, nurses, relatives, friends, and other support persons can gain special insight. Most importantly, parents facing the death of a baby will find necessary support in this gentle guide.

Knocked Up, Knocked Down: Postcards of Miscarriage and Other Misadventures from the Brink of Parenthood

Monica Murphy Lemoine

Monica Murphy LeMoine is used to writing postcards from strange, faraway places. After years of traveling around the world with her Peace Corps sweetheart-turned-husband, she finds herself on a blissfully ignorant journey toward new parenthood. But when the pregnancy ends before it's supposed to, Monica is abruptly launched into a different kind of world that nothing in life has prepared her for. It is up to Monica to navigate this strange land of almost-parenthood, make sense of her own confusing grief for real and imagined lives lost, and-ultimately-learn to move forward without someone she loves. A memoir told in postcards, Knocked up, Knocked Down is about finding solace in the most surprising places when life knocks you to the ground. And if you have ever lost a loved one, this uplifting story will help you move upward, too. "Monica Murphy LeMoine worked all over the world with the Peace Corps and grew up in a family that never had time to 'sit around and wallow.' She never comes close to that in this deeply and darkly funny, anti-trauma memoir. Refusing to accept the grief package defined by well-meaning counselors who said she'd never recover, this book calmly and firmly replies, 'bull#@%&!" -Christina Gombar, prize-winning author, Literary Editor for Exhale, and reviewer for Bookslut and London Review of Books.

Baby Dust: A Novel about Miscarriage and Pregnancy Loss

Deanna Roy

The five women sitting in the circle of chairs all had great dreams of motherhood. Then their babies died. Melinda sees blood on the floor every day after her loss. Dot believes the wrath of God caused her baby to die. Teenage Tina is trolling internet dating sites for a father for another baby, and Janet's failure to cry means her wedding is off. Stella, the support group leader, must help them while facing the old choices that cost her ever having a family of her own. Based on the stories of dozens of real survivors, Baby Dust is a moving tribute to the strength of mothers who must endure this impossible loss.

Grieving the Child I Never Knew: A Devotional for Comfort in the Loss of Your Unborn or Newly Born Child

Kathe Wunnenberg

When the anticipation of your child's birth turns into the grief of miscarriage, tubal pregnancy, stillbirth, or early infant death, no words can ease your loss. But there is strength and encouragement in the wisdom of others who have been there and found that God's comfort is real. Grieving the Child I Never Knew is a warm, encouraging, and truly helpful devotional for anyone experiencing the terrible loss of a baby. Author Kathe Wunnenberg knows the deep anguish of losing a child, having experienced three miscarriages and the death of an infant son. Grieving the Child I Never Knew is a 31-day devotional to help mothers: *Grieve honestly and well *Process gentle questions and insights from others *Cultivate a healing journey that works for them. Each devotion includes: *Scripture passage and prayer *Steps Toward Healing questions *Space for journaling *Readings for holidays and special occasions. Grieving the Child I Never Knew is a wise and tender companion for mothers whose hearts have been broken--mothers whose dreams have been shattered and who wonder how to go on.

A Silent Sorrow: Pregnancy Loss - Guidance and Support for You and Your Family

Ingrid Kohn and Perry-Lynn Moffitt

A Silent Sorrow has long been considered the "bible" for families seeking emotional and practical support after a pregnancy loss. Well organized, easily accessible, and filled with practical suggestions for each topic it covers, A Silent Sorrowis a positive first step for bereaved parents and their families, providing support and guidance to help resolve thegrief and enable them to look to the future with hope.

I Will Carry You: The Sacred Dance of Grief and Joy

Angie Smith

In 2008, Angie Smith and her husband Todd (lead singer of the group Selah) learned through ultrasound that their fourth daughter had conditions making her “incompatible with life.” Advised to terminate the pregnancy, the Smiths chose instead to carry this child and allow room for a miracle. That miracle came the day they met Audrey Caroline and got the chance to love her for the precious two-and-a-half hours she lived on earth. Upon receiving the original diagnosis, Angie started a blog (Bring the Rain) to keep family and friends informed of their journey. Soon, the site exploded in popularity, connecting with thousands who were either experiencing their own heartbreaking situations or simply curious about how God could carry someone through something so tragic. I Will Carry You tells the powerful story of a parent losing her child, interwoven with the biblical story of Lazarus to help those who mourn to still have hope—to find grace and peace in the sacred dance of grief and joy.

The Good Grief Club

Monica Novak

Written by a bereaved mother, The Good Grief Club is the true story of seven women who discover that their new friendships have the power to heal the pain of losing their babies in miscarriage, stillbirth, and infant death. One by one, fate weaves their lives together in the wake of tragedy misunderstood by those around them. Set around support group meetings and restaurant rendezvous, these seven soul sisters find a new normal. Through tears and anger, compassion and laughter, late nights and French toast, the sun slowly emerges from the darkness bringing with it love, hope, and healing as, together, they rebuild their lives.

I'll Hold You in Heaven

Jack Hayford

Jack Hayford provides compassionate answers to troubling questions for those who have lost a baby. The freeing truth of the Word of God promises that, like David, you will hold your child again in heaven.

unexpecting, real talk on pregnancy loss

Rachel Lewis

What to Expect When You're No Longer Expecting When your baby dies, you find yourself in a life you never expected. And even though pregnancy and infant loss are common, they're not common to you. Instead, you feel like a stranger in your own body, surrounded by well-meaning people who often don't know how to support you. What you need during this time is not a book offering easy answers. You need a safe place to help you navigate what comes next, such as: · Coping with a postpartum body without a baby in your arms. · Facing social isolation and grief invalidation. · Wrestling with faith when you feel let down by God. · Dealing with the overwhelming process of making everyday decisions. · Learning to move forward after loss. · Creating a legacy for your child. In Unexpecting, bereaved mom Rachel Lewis is the friend you never knew you'd need, walking you through the unique grief of baby loss. When nothing about life after loss makes sense . . . this book will.

Grace Like Scarlett: Grieving with Hope after Miscarriage and Loss

Adriel Booker

Though one in four pregnancies ends in loss, miscarriage is shrouded in such secrecy and stigma that the woman who experiences it often feels deeply isolated, unsure how to process her grief. Her body seems to have betrayed her. Her confidence in the goodness of God is rattled. Her loved ones don't know what to say. Her heart is broken. She may feel guilty, ashamed, angry, depressed, confused, or alone. With vulnerability and tenderness, Adriel Booker shares intimate stories about her experiences with early and mid-term miscarriages to help you navigate your own grief and know you aren't alone. She tackles complex questions about faith, suffering, and God's will with sensitivity and clarity, devoid of religious clichés or pat answers. Ultimately, Adriel invites you to a wide-open place of grace, honesty, and genuine hope as you discover a redemption story unfolding in the shadows of your loss. She also includes practical resources for ways to help guide children through grief, advice on pregnancy after loss, and special sections for dads and loved ones.

Pregnancy and Infant Loss: Specific to Fathers

A Bereaved Father

Steve Younis

I am a bereaved father. I have lost not one, but two children. My only two children. While I have no children living in my house, I am still a father. Being a bereaved father is not something I ever considered, nor something I wanted to be. However, it is now who I am. In many ways it defines me. Being a bereaved father is complicated. It changes your life... forever. "A Bereaved Father" tells the story of my own experiences as a bereaved father, while giving other parents the opportunity to identify similarities with their own experiences, and find some solace in knowing that they are not going crazy, they are not abnormal, and they are not alone.

Strong and Tender: A Guide For The Father Whose Baby Has Died

Pat Schwiebert

A book especially for fathers, this is a collection of insights, helpful hints and tender thoughts to give a father strength during the dark times of grief following his baby s death. For too long fathers have been the forgotten grievers. By giving him this special book you tell him you also recognize his loss.

From Father to Father: Letters From Loss Dad to Loss Dad

Emily R. Long LPC

This book is a simple book of letters written for you, a grieving loss dad, from other loss dads who are living and surviving after the death of their precious child. In the pages of this book, fathers from around the world share letters of love from their hearts to yours with the hope that, maybe, in the darkest, loneliest hours of grief, you will find a little bit of comfort in the words of another father who has been where you are now. Too often a father’s grief and experience of loss is overshadowed or unacknowledged after the death of their children. This book offers acknowledgement and gives voice to the experience of fathers grieving their children. The fathers speaking through these pages offer support and recognition to let you know that you are not alone. They are here with you.

Grieving Dads: To the Brink and Back

Kelly Farley

Grieving Dads: To the Brink and Back is a collection of candid stories from grieving dads that were interviewed over a two year period. The book offers insight from fellow members of, in the haunting words of one dad, “this terrible, terrible club,” which consists of men who have experienced the death of a child. This book is a collection of survival stories by men who have survived the worst possible loss and lived to tell the tale. They are real stories that pull no punches and are told with brutal honesty. Men that have shared their deepest and darkest moments. Moments that included thoughts of suicide, self-medication and homelessness. Some of these men have found their way back from the brink while others are still standing there, stuck in their pain.The core message of Grieving Dads is “you’re not alone.” It is a message that desperately needs to be delivered to grieving dads who often grieve in silence due to society’s expectations.

When a Man Faces Grief / Man You Know Is Grieving

James E. Miller

Two books in one. One half is for men who are grieving, with 12 helpful suggestions, each a chapter by itself. The other half is for those who want to understand and help men who are grieving, also in twelve short, helpful chapters.

Books for Children: Pregnancy and Infant Loss. Sibling Loss.

We Were Gonna Have a Baby, But We Had an Angel Instead

Pat Schwiebert

From the author of "When Hello Means Goodbye." Created especially for children who are suffering the loss of their families pregnancy.

Someone Came Before You

Pat Schwiebert

There are books for children to help them when the baby they are waiting for dies. And now there is a book for the child who comes after the one who died. It s a perfect gift just for them. It explains in a gentle way the parents desire for a child and the sadness that comes over them when that baby dies. It then shares how the parents, with the help of the baby, get to the point of wanting another child to come into their lives. The illustrator, Taylor Bills, who has an extraordinary gift of capturing feelings in his drawings that tell the story beyond words. Includes suggestions about keeping your baby s memory alive.

Perfectly Imperfect Family

Amie Lands

Perfectly Imperfect Family beautifully demonstrates how a brother loves, honors, and includes his sister, who died before he was born, in the family's special days and every day. Oftentimes referred to as a rainbow baby, children born after the death of a sibling often wonder about the one who came before them. Perfectly Imperfect Family acknowledges the stigma associated with pregnancy loss, infant death, sibling grief, and including a baby who has died by demonstrating loving ways in which a family can continue to celebrate their beloved baby.

A Hug From Heaven

Anna Whiston-Donaldson

What if grieving children could hear uplifting words from a loved one who died? It's challenging to know how to support and comfort a child who is grieving, yet A Hug from Heaven does just that. Written as a simple poem of love from the person who died, this book reminds children - and adults alike - that it is okay to hurt, to live a positive life, and to find special ways to honor the ones we love. New York Times bestselling author Anna Whiston-Donaldson delivers a simple and comforting message: love is stronger than death, and hugs from heaven are waiting for you.

My Brother Lives in Heaven

Allie Sheehan

The loss of a child during pregnancy effects everyone in the family.Written from the perspective of a young boy, this book is designed for siblings to understand that though their brother or sister is not physically present, there are many ways they can see and remember their sibling in everyday life. This book is meant to be read by parents to their children to begin a discussion about pregnancy and infant loss, as well as serve as a memorial for the loss of a loved one. The author has personal experience with pregnancy loss and hopes that this book will help families navigate a heartbreaking situation while also creating a healthy way to think about their loved one(s).

A Rainbow Baby Story: The Rainbow After the Storm (Explain It To Me!)

Crystal A. Falk and Kim S. Roman

A Rainbow Baby Story - The Rainbow After The Storm is a book for young children, ages 2 to 6 years old that helps parents open the lines of communication explaining the loss of a sibling through miscarriage, stillbirth or infant loss in a way that children can understand. What is a Rainbow Baby? "A rainbow baby is a baby who is born after the mother has experienced a miscarriage, stillbirth or infant loss. The thought is, the loss is like a storm and the baby who follows is like the rainbow. After a storm, a rainbow filled with hope may appear. Although there are still dark clouds above, there is hope and joy that follows the storm." Baby Bird and his family live in a nest high in a tree. One day while his mother is out looking for food, a fierce storm rolls through. Alone and scared, his mother soon returns to the nest and comforts him. This seems the perfect time for her to tell the story of the little sister he never met and a beautiful hope that sometimes follows a storm. Most mental health care experts believe that death should be explained briefly but honestly to young children. The words we have chosen fall in line with that thinking.

My Baby Big Sister: A Book for Children Born Subsequent to a Pregnancy Loss

Cathy Blanford

This is a book that was written for children who were born subsequent to a perinatal loss. This book will help with the confusion these children often experience when they learn about this important event that happened before they were even born.

Something Happened: A Book For Children and Parents Who Have Experienced Pregnancy Loss

Cathy Blanford

A Book for Children and Parents Who Have Experienced Pregnancy Loss This beautifully illustrated, simple, clear story is designed to help a young child understand what has happened when there has been a pregnancy loss. The book addresses the sadness that a child experiences when the anticipated baby has died. The child's fears and feelings of guilt are addressed as well as other confusing feelings. Perhaps most important, the book includes the family's experience of going on with life while always remembering their baby. The child reading the book is left with a sense of reassurance that life continues and he is still a vital part of a loving family

Ethan's Butterflies: A Spiritual Book For Parents and Young Children After a Baby's Passing

Christine Jonas-Simpson

Spiritual comfort and understanding after a baby's passing was what Christine Jonas-Simpson was looking for in answering her young sons' difficult questions about their baby brother Ethan's passing. This book takes the parents and young children through the journey of deep sorrow and loss of a baby brother or sister from the moment of expectation of meeting them to the despair of knowing they passed, to the joy of reconnecting with them in another way. This story is about living and feeling the deep loss of a baby as well as transforming this precious loss through connecting and creating new relationships.

I am Still a Big Brother

Bella Moody and Lindgren

I Am STILL a Big Brother beautifully demonstrates how a big brother finds his role and shares his love for the baby sister who died and whom he will never be able to meet. Acknowledging the stigma associated with pregnancy loss, the transitions into siblinghood and sibling grief; I Am Still a Big Brother tells a sweet story of a brother who has found ways to share "his world" with his baby sister, and with the help and support of his parents finds his role as her big brother.

I'm Still a Big Sister

Brittany and Eliza Day

Eliza was very excited that she was going to be a big sister. Follow her journey of finding out that her sibling died and how she moved forward. With the help of her parents, they created ways to remember and honor their baby that died. Along the way, she meets other surviving siblings and realizes she's not alone. Most importantly, she learned that she is STILL a big sister!

Butterflies for Rory

Kimberly Ellis

When my daughter, Rory, passed away, I struggled to comprehend how I would cope with grieving, much less go on from day to day. One thing that helped me to continue to heal and move forward was taking care of my nearly two year old son, Quincy. As much pain as I was in, I also knew my son was struggling in his own way. I created this book for other children, like my son, who'd also lost a sibling.

Whirlwinds to Rainbow: The Story of Us

Mark Morrison

A triumphant tale of resolve and hope. This book is an uplifting story that sheds light on the sometimes long and difficult road to creating a family. Written through an eternally grateful father's eyes, Whirlwinds to Rainbow: The Story of Us, celebrates the women who have fought or continue to fight the storms of infertility, pregnancy loss, and pregnancy struggles. The story is an emotional, yet empowering tale that paints a heroic portrait of how the "Rainbow Baby" came to exist and focuses on the fact that a mother's resolve is the most powerful force on the planet. Children will love the exciting and colorful warriors, ninjas, dragons, storms and rainbows, while parents will relive the emotional experience of realizing that hope is alive and well!

I am a Rainbow Baby

Lindsey Leask

I am a rainbow baby. But what does that mean? Before there was me, there was another baby. Then some storms came, and when they were over, there was color and light that's me! Now, Mama and Daddy have me, and we still love the baby who came before we became three. I am a rainbow baby, and this is my story! A note for parents: a miscarriage is likely one of the most devastating events that can happen to a family. Whether the parents were expecting their first child or had a future sibling to share in the joy of a new baby, the loss is heartbreaking. In this story, a rainbow baby shares the tale of the painful events that happen to a family during a miscarriage, but proves that light can shine after even the darkest storms.

To My Rainbow Baby with Love

Tamekia McCauley

To My Rainbow Baby with Love is the heartfelt discussion a parent has with her child conceived after a prior loss. The parent wants her child to know in an age appropriate way that sometimes babies are sick and are unable to come home. Moreover, reassurances are given to the child that she is not a replacement for her sibling and that she has her own special place within the family. This children’s book is intended for parents seeking to have an open dialogue about miscarriage and infant loss with their children. The book was written from the author's own experience with neonatal loss. Her daughter was diagnosed with Trisomy 18, a rare chromosomal condition. It is the author's hope that this book helps families heal together. The paperback version has a resource guide connecting the family to various miscarriage/infant loss organizations. Additionally there is a section to personally dedicate or write a special message to your rainbow baby.

Happy Tears & Rainbow Babies

Natasha Carlow

What are happy tears and rainbow babies?”One day, on a walk with Mommy and Daddy, Rosie and Capi learn all about happy tears and rainbow babies. Set against the backdrop of a rainbow, Happy Tears and Rainbow Babies tells the story of how faith brought healing and hope to one family after the pain and loss of miscarriage. Written from a mother to her children, this story engages the reader in a conversation that families everywhere can share and benefit from.Natasha Melissa Carlow is an Itinerant Counsellor from Trinidad and Tobago. She lives with her husband and two children, who love taking long walks.

Our Little Rainbow

Sabrina Michelle Crawford

20% of pregnancy's end in miscarriage, infant loss, neonatal death or stillbirth. The numbers are likely higher, but all are not reported. A "rainbow baby" is a healthy baby that is born after one of these tragic losses. In this touching children's book, after some tears and sadness, a Mommy and Daddy dreamed about finally welcoming a precious little one! Come along on their sweet and special journey, as their adorable RAINBOW BABY is finally welcomed into the world! Scroll up and buy "Our Little Rainbow," to read and share in this adorable story, today!

The Baby Before You Died: Teaching a Younger Sibling (a rainbow baby) about the baby that came before them and honoring their potential grief. (Loss... Due to termination for medical reasons.)

Katrina Villegas

A book for children of all ages who have a sibling that died before they were born- specifically for families that went through termination for medical reasons. When William was born, his parents started teaching him about the baby that came before him. The baby that died. They had made the agonizing choice to induce the pregnancy early (terminate for medical reasons) when they found out that their unborn baby had a fatal condition. They learned quickly how to talk to their older daughter, Caroline, about death and what was happening, but it was uncharted territory for them and was a learning curve. They talked with child life specialists and read books. They learned the correct language to use around children when talking about death. This book tells the story to the rainbow baby. This children's book series "Loss of a Sibling Due to Termination For Medical Reasons" is written specifically for families going through a loss due to termination for medical reasons. Katrina felt that the termination community deserved a set of books written just for them, as it is a unique grief journey for adults and children. This series uses the correct language and walks children through what to expect during specific moments in their journey.

Infertility, Miscarriage and Infant Loss

Coping with Infertility, Miscarriage, and Neonatal Loss: Finding Perspective and Creating Meaning.

Amy Wenzel

Pregnancy loss can be devastating, regardless of whether it is early or late in pregnancy or in the short period after a baby is born. In many instances, similar emotions are experienced when a couple learns that their fertility treatments were unsuccessful. Here, well-known psychologist Amy Wenzel applies the principles of cognitive behavioral therapy a thoroughly-researched approach for treating mood disorders, anxiety disorders, and stress-related disorders to the experience of reproductive loss. She offers strategies for coping with loss and provides a step-by-step guide to reengaging in life. With warmth and compassion, she helps readers journey toward healing.

Every Drunken Cheerleader: Why Not Me?

Kristine Ireland Waits

If you're eager to have a baby, doesn't the title say enough? Laugh, cry, share, relate - LOVE this book and all it offers to your soul. It's wit, wisdom and warmth from an author you'll quickly see as your sincere fertility-challenged friend. This information-packed, inspiring story is for women who are struggling with infertility and for those trying to support them. Enjoy an easy-reading journey you'll remember throughout life. Overwhelmed at the idea of dealing with friends' baby showers, insurance, husbands, needles, tears, heartbreak and surprises? This book captures it all in a delightful way that's packed full of truths and challenges to keep you moving forward. Indulge in a journey - reading this book - that will have you throwing your head back in laughter, curling up in the comfort of feeling understood, having raw honesty give you permission to be exactly who you are. Indulge. You deserve this! Get one for your best friend and your mom too.


Healing Your Grieving Heart After Stillbirth: 100 Practical Ideas for Parents and Families

Alan D. Wolfelt PhD

Beloved grief educator Dr. Alan Wolfelt compassionately explores the common feelings of shock, anger, guilt, and sadness that accompany a stillborn child, offering suggestions for expressing feelings, remembering the child, and healing as a family. Ideas to help each unique person—mother, father, grandparent, sibling, friend—are included, as are thoughts from families who experienced a stillbirth. This new addition to Dr. Wolfelt’s popular series is a healing companion to families when they need it most.

They Were Still Born: Personal Stories about Stillbirth

Janel C. Atlas

Stillbirth, defined as the death of an infant between 20 weeks' gestation and birth, is a tragedy repeated thirty thousand times every year in the United States. That means more than eighty mothers a day feel their babies slip silently from their bodies, the only sound in the delivery room their own sobs. Eighty stillborn babies a day means heartbroken families mourn the death of children who will never breathe, gurgle, learn to walk, or go to school. In 2006, Janel Atlas became one of those mothers who left the hospital with empty arms; her second daughter, Beatrice Dianne, was stillborn at 36 weeks. Reaching out for comfort, she realized a dire need shared by so many others like her, and so was born a collection of new essays by writers each sharing their firsthand experiences with stillbirth. Atlas includes selections not only from mothers but also fathers and grandparents, all of whom have intimate stories to share with readers. In addition, there are selections that answer many of the medical questions families have in the wake of a stillbirth and that offer the latest research on this devastating loss and how it might be prevented. Grieving parents will find in these pages the comfort of knowing they are not alone on this painful path, validation of their babies' lives, and guidance from those who have suffered this tragedy. In addition, They Were Still Born both inspires and shows readers how to honor and remember their own babies and stories of loss. No parent- or grandparent-to-be sets out planning to purchase They Were Still Born. Unfortunately, there will always be readers-devastated, grieving, and searching for voices to help them through-who need it.

Still Here, a Memoir of Love, Loss, and Triumph After Stillbirth

Alishia Anderson

Did you or someone you know and love suffer from baby loss via stillbirth – miscarriage, neonatal death or infant loss?If so, this is the book for you! Still Here is the memoir of grieving parents navigating the joys of pregnancy and the extreme lows of (baby) loss. Still Here is a personal testimony of how love, faith, and support can bring you back from the abyss after the loss of your precious baby, into a life of purpose. Alishia wrote this book in hopes to remove the shield of shame, and isolated suffering as well as shed light onto the cloak of secrecy wrapped inside of baby loss. Most importantly, Alishia wrote Still Here as a personal tool to heal her broken heart after suffering the devastating loss of her twenty-eight-week old son, in hopes that her pain and restoration would be the jumpstart to someone else’s recovery after loss. She also delved into the untapped and often forgotten perspective of a grieving father after baby loss from her husband Derrek.It is Alishia’s prayer that Still Here reaches your heart no matter where you are in your grief journey.

Invisible Mothers

Invisible Mothers: When Love Doesn't Die

Emily R. Long LPC

Invisible Mothers gives voice to the experience of love and loss for mothers whose babies have died during pregnancy or infancy. It chronicles the journey of mothers without any living children who must learn to continue living while grieving. Their arms are empty, but their hearts are filled with a love that does not die. Invisible Mothers shines a light into the unimaginable loss and sorrow as well as the courageous love of these amazing unseen mothers. For bereaved mothers, it brings comfort and compassion to let them know they are not alone in this journey. For family, friends, and professionals, it lights a pathway to gain a clearer understanding of how they can support and love the grieving mothers in their lives.

Pregnancy After Loss

Pregnancy After Loss: A day-by-day plan to reassure and comfort you

Zoe Clark-Coates

Pregnancy should be a time of joyous anticipation, but those forty weeks can feel very different if you are one of the many women who has previously lost a baby. In Pregnancy After Loss, Zoe Clark-Coates has created a compassionate and essential guide to lead you, day by day, through your pregnancy. Addressing such issues as facing fear, coping with scans and pregnancy milestones, building relationships with your medical team and processing your ongoing grief whilst pregnant, this is the comforting companion every pregnant woman needs by her side. As someone who has experienced pregnancy following baby loss, Zoe fully understands all of the concerns you may be experiencing - she has been there, and now she''s here for you.

Trying Again: A Guide to Pregnancy After Miscarriage, Stillbirth, and Infant Loss

Ann Douglas and John R. Sussman

Trying Again lessens the uncertainties about pregnancy after miscarriage, stillbirth, or infant loss by providing the facts to help you determine if you and your partner are emotionally ready for another pregnancy. It also imparts essential advice about preparing and planning for another baby when you decide the time is right.

Pregnancy After a Loss: A Guide to Pregnancy After a Miscarriage, Stillbirth, or Infant Death

Carol Cirulli Lanham

For a woman who has experienced a miscarriage, stillbirth, or the death of an infant, conceiving another child can be fraught with mixed emotions. This guide, filled with up-to-date medical information and written by a woman who herself experienced a successful pregnancy after the loss of her first baby, can help women cope with their anxiety. It offers guidance for women asking such questions as: Why did it happen—and how can I make sure it doesn't happen again? Will my next pregnancy be considered high-risk? How long should I wait before getting pregnant again? What can I expect at prenatal exams? Will I ever be able to love another baby as much as I love the one I lost? Pregnancy after a loss can be a time of great emotional upheaval—but also, a time of healing and hope. With this sensible, sensitive guide, women can put their minds at ease—and learn to look forward to the future as they make peace with the past.

Celebrating Pregnancy Again: Restoring the lost joys of pregnancy after the loss of a child

Franchesca Cox

For a time that should be filled with pure joy and anticipation, pregnancy proves to be a fierce battle between grief and joy after the loss of a child. This book follows the author's journey from loss to subsequent pregnancy, with encouragement along the way on how to handle the 'new normal' that rocks your world after facing a loss. From dealing with others in your subsequent pregnancy, to balancing grief along the way, to real-life, tangible ways of celebrating pregnancy, this book offers a unique perspective on pregnancy after loss.

Grieving Parents: Relationships and Communication after loss.

Couple Communication After a Baby Dies: Differing Perspectives

Sherokee Ilse and Tim Nelson

Couple Communication is a unique book that helps bereaved parents at the time of their loss and in the days and months ahead. It offers hope, encouragement, and promotes healthy communication between partners who have suffered the ultimate loss of a baby. Such a loss can shake the very core of a relationship, changing parents forever. The long process of healing can be significantly enhanced if parents remember things such as: 'Love and loss are a part of life, just as joy and sorrow are a part of the human experience. Don't add to your pain by attempting to deny your with each other, tell your partner what you are feeling and what you need. Don't try to hide behind work or keeping busy or staying in bed.' The authors also offer extensive advice on the importance of communication, some of which includes, 'Communication is not only what you say, but how it is perceived by the person listening. Communication is also what you don't say as you interact. Judging each other's words and deeds by using your intuituition or making guesses is dangerous. When you are in doubt, don't assume, instead check it out - ask. Make communication a priority, even during difficult times. This could be the key to saving your marriage and strengthening your love for each other.'

Grieving Parents: Surviving Loss as A Couple

Nathalie Himmelrich

“Losing the younger of our identical twin girls on the third day of her life totally shocked us. We had barely grown used to the identity of being 'first time parents' before we also donned the title of 'bereaved parents.' But there was more to come…”The loss of a child affects the whole family, especially the parents and their relationship. The journey of grief has no set timeline or steps, but unfolds as each person travels in their very own way. This book will help you:• understand differences in female and male grieving• find the best way to support yourself individually and as a couple • bring awareness, acceptance and understanding to the grieving process• adjust to life post-loss and reemerge as a stronger couple• be a support to grieving parents

General Grief

Tear Soup: A Recipe for Healing After Loss

Pat Schwiebert and Chuck DeKlyen

If you are going to buy only one book on grief, this is the one to get! It will validate your grief experience, and you can share it with your children. You can leave it on the coffee table so others will pick it up, read it, and then better appreciate your grieving time. Grand's Cooking Tips section at the back of the book is rich with wisdom and concrete recommendations. Better than a casserole!

Healing After Loss: Daily Meditations for Working Through Grief

Martha Whitmore Hickman

The classic guide for dealing with grief and loss For those who have suffered the loss of a loved one, here are thoughtful words to strengthen, inspire and comfort. (This is my 'go to' book that I give people who are experiencing any loss.)

Beyond Goodbye: A Practical and Compassionate Guide to Surviving Grief, with Day-by-Day Resources to Navigate a Path Through Loss

Zoe Clark-Coates

Beyond Goodbye guides you through your darkest days of suffering and offers hope for your future... Grief can leave us feeling alone and lost in the world, not knowing where to turn for help. And yet grief is one of the few certainties in life - it is impossible to experience love without suffering loss. Leading grief expert Zoë Clark-Coates examines the different losses we may endure in our lives, and provides the much-needed support that helps you navigate your own path through loss. From losing loved ones - parents, partners, children, siblings, family members and friends - to answering the most common questions that are asked in this time of mourning and beyond, Zoe tackles topics that are rarely discussed but essential to address. Beyond Goodbye balances practical advice with personal stories and emotional support. It explores common myths around loss, and offers advice for those supporting the bereaved. Zoe's caring and compassionate guide includes a unique 60 day support plan to guide you on your way. Beyond Goodbye will be a beacon of hope to all who read it.

It's Okay That You're Not Okay: Meeting Grief and Loss in a Culture That Doesn't Understand

Megan Devine

When a painful loss or life-shattering event upends your world, here is the first thing to know: there is nothing wrong with grief. "Grief is simply love in its most wild and painful form," says Megan Devine. "It is a natural and sane response to loss." So, why does our culture treat grief like a disease to be cured as quickly as possible? In It’s OK That You’re Not OK, Megan Devine offers a profound new approach to both the experience of grief and the way we try to help others who have endured tragedy. Having experienced grief from both sides―as both a therapist and as a woman who witnessed the accidental drowning of her beloved partner―Megan writes with deep insight about the unspoken truths of loss, love, and healing. She debunks the culturally prescribed goal of returning to a normal, "happy" life, replacing it with a far healthier middle path, one that invites us to build a life alongside grief rather than seeking to overcome it.

The Grief Recovery Handbook: The Action Program for Moving Beyond, Death, Divorce and other Losses including Health, Career, and Faith

John W. James and Russell Friedman

*Tony and I went through this book with a Grief Recovery Method Counselor after Gigi died. We found it helpful and I don't know that I'd read it without the counselor! It's pretty heavy!* Incomplete recovery from grief can have a lifelong negative effect on the capacity for happiness. Drawing from their own histories as well as from others', the authors illustrate how it is possible to recover from grief and regain energy and spontaneity. Based on a proven program, The Grief Recovery Handbook offers grievers the specific actions needed to move beyond loss. New material in this edition includes guidance for dealing with: · Loss of faith · Loss of career and financial issues · Loss of health · Growing up in an alcoholic or dysfunctional home The Grief Recovery Handbook is a groundbreaking, classic handbook that everyone should have in their library.

Permission to Mourn: A New Way to Do Grief

Tom Zuba

The death of someone we love cracks us open inviting us to become the person we were born to be. This is the book Tom Zuba wishes he had read after his daughter Erin died. And after his wife Trici died. It's the book he wishes he'd been handed following his son Rory's death. But Tom had to live it. First. Before he could write it. For you. In the beginning, Tom did grief the old way. Repressing, denying, pretending, numbing and stuffing every feeling and every emotion that arose. He created pain on top of pain until he began searching for a new way. A new way to do grief. Once he gave himself permission to mourn, healing began. Along the way, Tom discovered that: * Grief is not the enemy. Grief can be one of our greatest teachers. * It's the stories we tell that determine whether or not we will heal. * We will always have a relationship with the people we love that have died. * We were not born to suffer. We were born to be radiant. There is a new way to do grief. Let Tom Zuba teach you how.

Bearing The Unbearable: Love, Loss, and the Heartbreaking Path of Grief

Joanne Cacciatore

When a loved one dies, the pain of loss can feel unbearable—especially in the case of a traumatizing death that leaves us shouting, “NO!” with every fiber of our body. The process of grieving can feel wild and nonlinear—and often lasts for much longer than other people, the nonbereaved, tell us it should. Organized into fifty-two short chapters, Bearing the Unbearable is a companion for life’s most difficult times, revealing how grief can open our hearts to connection, compassion, and the very essence of our shared humanity. Dr. Joanne Cacciatore—bereavement educator, researcher, Zen priest, and leading counselor in the field—accompanies us along the heartbreaking path of love, loss, and grief. Through moving stories of her encounters with grief over decades of supporting individuals, families, and communities—as well as her own experience with loss—Cacciatore opens a space to process, integrate, and deeply honor our grief. Not just for the bereaved, Bearing the Unbearable will be required reading for grief counselors, therapists and social workers, clergy of all varieties, educators, academics, and medical professionals. Organized into fifty-two accessible and stand-alone chapters, this book is also perfect for being read aloud in support groups.

How to Lose Everything: A Memoir

Christa Couture

Christa Couture has come to know every corner of grief - its shifting blurry edges, its traps, its pulse of love at the centre, and the bittersweet truth that sorrow is a powerful and wise emotion. From the amputation of her leg as a cure for bone cancer at a young age to her first child’s single day of life, the heart transplant and subsequent death of her second child, the divorce born of grief and then the thyroidectomy that threatened her career as a professional musician, How to Lose Everything delves into the heart of loss. Couture bears witness to the shift in perspective that comes with loss, and how it can deepen compassion for others, expand understanding, inspire a letting go of little things and plant a deeper feeling for what matters. At the same time, Couture's writing evokes the joy and lightness that both precede and eventually follow grief, as well as the hope and resilience that grow from connections with others. Evoking Joan Didion’s The Year of Magical Thinking and Rachel Cusk’s A Life’s Work, Couture explores the emotional and psychological experiences of motherhood, partnership and change. Deftly connecting the dots of sorrow, reprieve and hard-won hope, How to Lose Everything contains the advice Couture is often asked for, as well as the words she wishes she could have heard many years ago. It is also an offering of kinship and understanding for anyone experiencing a loss.

Grief Day by Day: Simple Practices and Daily Guidance for Living with Loss

Jan Warner

Supportive readings and exercises to help you move through life after loss, one day at a time Grief is complex; it may present itself differently on any given day. This grief recovery handbook offers daily reflections and practices that address the day-to-day emotions and experiences that accompany the grieving process so you can create a life in which peace―and even gratitude―can coexist with your grief. Explore the stages of grief with a collection of quotes, musings, meditations, and more that are tied together by a weekly theme, allowing you to reflect on each concept in depth. Work through topics like loneliness, grief attacks, exhaustion, hope, love, and creating meaning. You’ll find opportunities to write, draw, meditate, do breathing exercises, and more as you learn to live fully with your grief. This grief recovery handbook helps facilitate healing with: • 365 Daily reflections―Find a year’s worth of readings that can be revisited as many times as you like as you move through the grieving process. • Weekly themes―Explore feelings and experiences common to grief, including things left unsaid, unhealthy coping mechanisms, guilt, intimacy, and faith. • 52 Healing exercises―Discover activities that help you process your feelings at the end of each week and develop skills for coping with grief as it arises. Make peace with your grief one day at a time with the daily readings and exercises in this standout among grief books.

Books for Children: General Grief

Personalised Loss Books

Our website is an easy-to-use online store and a perfect place to purchase a personalised or general book all about the loss of a loved one. The books have been written specifically to share with younger children who have lost a sibling, parent or grandparent, to help keep the memory of their lost love one alive using comfortable and safe dialogue and imagery.

The Invisible String

Patrice Karst

Parents, educators, therapists, and social workers alike have declared The Invisible String the perfect tool for coping with all kinds of separation anxiety, loss, and grief. In this relatable and reassuring contemporary classic, a mother tells her two children that they're all connected by an invisible string. "That's impossible!" the children insist, but still they want to know more: "What kind of string?" The answer is the simple truth that binds us all: An Invisible String made of love. Even though you can't see it with your eyes, you can feel it deep in your heart, and know that you are always connected to the ones you love. Does everybody have an Invisible String? How far does it reach? Does it ever go away? This heartwarming picture book for all ages explores questions about the intangible yet unbreakable connections between us, and opens up deeper conversations about love.

Tear Soup: A Recipe for Healing After Loss

Pat Schwiebert and Chuck DeKlyen

If you are going to buy only one book on grief, this is the one to get! It will validate your grief experience, and you can share it with your children. You can leave it on the coffee table so others will pick it up, read it, and then better appreciate your grieving time. Grand's Cooking Tips section at the back of the book is rich with wisdom and concrete recommendations. Better than a casserole!

God Gave Us Heaven

Lisa Tawn Bergen

As the sun rises on her snow-covered world, Little Cub wonders aloud… “What is heaven like?” With tender words, her Papa describes a wonderful place, free of sadness and tears, where God warmly welcomes his loved ones after their life on earth is over. Little Cub and Papa spend the day wandering their beautiful, invigorating arctic world while she asks all about God’s home: How do we get to heaven? Will we eat there? Will I get to see you in heaven? Papa patiently answers each question, assuring her that… “Heaven will be full of everything good.” This gentle story provides satisfying answers for a young child’s most difficult questions about what happens after this life, inviting “little cubs” to find comfort in knowing that God Gave Us Heaven.

I Miss You: A First Look at Death

Pat Thomas

When a close friend or family member dies, it can be difficult for children to express their feelings. I Miss You helps boys and girls understand that death is a natural complement to life, and that grief and a sense of loss are normal feelings for them to have following a loved one's death. Titles in the sensitively presented A First Look At series explore the dynamics of various relationships experienced by children of preschool through early school age. Kids are encouraged to understand personal feelings and social problems as a first step in dealing with them. Written by psychotherapist and counselor Pat Thomas, these books promote positive interaction among children, parents, and teachers. The story lines are simple and direct--easily accessible to younger children. There are full-color illustrations on every page.

Wherever You Are: My Love Will Find You

Nancy Tillman

. . . I wanted you more than you'll ever know, so I sent love to follow wherever you go. . . . Love is the greatest gift we have to give our children. It's the one thing they can carry with them each and every day. If love could take shape it might look something like these heartfelt words and images from the inimitable Nancy Tillman. Wherever You Are is a book to share with your loved ones, no matter how near or far, young or old, they are.

Cry, Heart, But Never Break

Glenn Ringtved

Aware their grandmother is gravely ill, four siblings make a pact to keep death from taking her away. But Death does arrive all the same, as it must. He comes gently, naturally. And he comes with enough time to share a story with the children that helps them to realize the value of loss to life and the importance of being able to say goodbye.

The Memory Box: A Book About Grief

Joanna Rowland

"I'm scared I'll forget you..." From the perspective of a young child, Joanna Rowland artfully describes what it is like to remember and grieve a loved one who has died. The child in the story creates a memory box to keep mementos and written memories of the loved one, to help in the grieving process. Heartfelt and comforting, The Memory Box will help children and adults talk about this very difficult topic together. The unique point of view allows the reader to imagine the loss of any they have loved - a friend, family member, or even a pet. A parent guide in the back includes information on helping children manage the complex and difficult emotions they feel when they lose someone they love, as well as suggestions on how to create their own memory box.

When Dinosaurs Die: A Guide to Understanding Death (Dino Tales: Life Guides for Family)

Laurie Krasny Brown, illus. Marc Brown

For over 25 years, families have used When Dinosaurs Die to explain death, dying, and coping with grief and loss -- from the creators of the beloved Dino Tales: Life Guide for Families series, which has sold over 1.5 million copies. Straightforward and comprehensive, this indispensable book is a comforting aid to help young kids and families through a difficult time in their lives. No one can really understand death, but to children, the passing away of a loved one can be especially perplexing and troublesome. This is true whether the loss is a family member, friend, or pet. Here to offer advice and reassurance are the wise dinosaurs from the bestselling Dino Tale series. This succinct and thorough guide helps dispel the mystery and negative connotations associated with death, providing answers to kids' most-often asked questions.

Grieving Grandparents: They grieve 'twice' - for both their child and grandchild.

A Grandparent's Sorrow

Pat Schwiebert

When a family suffers the loss of an infant, before, after or during childbirth, grandparents suffer a double loss. Your child is grieving and so are you. Included in this booklet are suggestions on how grandparents can help themselves as they grieve, how to better understand their child during this difficult time, and how to hold close the precious memory of their grandchild. Included in the back of this booklet is a bereavement resource guide.

Forgotten Tears: A Grandmother's Journey Through Grief

Nina Bennett

Forgotten Tears is a unique and honest portrayal of a grandmother's grief journey following the stillbirth of her granddaughter. Our death fearing and death denying society perpetuates the sense of isolation felt by grandparents, who tend to be viewed primarily as a source of support to their bereaved child. A distinctive feature of this book is the validation of grandparents as mourners in their own right. Along with quotes from leading grief authorities, writer Nina Bennett, a bereaved grandmother and healthcare professional, offers an intimate perspective on the process of redefining normal in a life forever changed by the death of a grandchild.

General "Healing Journey" and "Helpful Life" Books!

When Bad Things Happen to Good People

Harold S. Kushner

When Harold Kushner’s three-year-old son was diagnosed with a degenerative disease that meant the boy would only live until his early teens, he was faced with one of life’s most difficult questions: Why, God? Years later, Rabbi Kushner wrote this straightforward, elegant contemplation of the doubts and fears that arise when tragedy strikes. In these pages, Kushner shares his wisdom as a rabbi, a parent, a reader, and a human being. Often imitated but never superseded, When Bad Things Happen to Good People is a classic that offers clear thinking and consolation in times of sorrow.

Daring Greatly

Brene Brown

Every day we experience the uncertainty, risks, and emotional exposure that define what it means to be vulnerable or to dare greatly. Based on twelve years of pioneering research, Brené Brown PhD, LMSW, dispels the cultural myth that vulnerability is weakness and argues that it is, in truth, our most accurate measure of courage. Brown explains how vulnerability is both the core of difficult emotions like fear, grief, and disappointment, and the birthplace of love, belonging, joy, empathy, innovation, and creativity. She writes: “When we shut ourselves off from vulnerability, we distance ourselves from the experiences that bring purpose and meaning to our lives.” Daring Greatly is not about winning or losing. It’s about courage. In a world where “never enough” dominates and feeling afraid has become second nature, vulnerability is subversive. Uncomfortable. It’s even a little dangerous at times. And, without question, putting ourselves out there means there’s a far greater risk of getting criticized or feeling hurt. But when we step back and examine our lives, we will find that nothing is as uncomfortable, dangerous, and hurtful as standing on the outside of our lives looking in and wondering what it would be like if we had the courage to step into the arena—whether it’s a new relationship, an important meeting, the creative process, or a difficult family conversation. Daring Greatly is a practice and a powerful new vision for letting ourselves be seen


Glennon Doyle

This is how you find yourself. There is a voice of longing inside each woman. We strive so mightily to be good: good partners, daughters, mothers, employees, and friends. We hope all this striving will make us feel alive. Instead, it leaves us feeling weary, stuck, overwhelmed, and underwhelmed. We look at our lives and wonder: Wasn’t it all supposed to be more beautiful than this? We quickly silence that question, telling ourselves to be grateful, hiding our discontent—even from ourselves.

Heaven is for Real: A Little Boy's Astounding Story of His Trip to Heaven and Back

Todd Burpo

A young boy emerges from life-saving surgery with remarkable stories of his visit to heaven. Heaven Is for Real is the true story of the four-year old son of a small town Nebraska pastor who during emergency surgery slips from consciousness and enters heaven. He survives and begins talking about being able to look down and see the doctor operating and his dad praying in the waiting room. The family didn't know what to believe but soon the evidence was clear. Colton said he met his miscarried sister, whom no one had told him about, and his great grandfather who died 30 years before Colton was born, then shared impossible-to-know details about each. He describes the horse that only Jesus could ride, about how "reaaally big" God and his chair are, and how the Holy Spirit "shoots down power" from heaven to help us. Told by the father, but often in Colton's own words, the disarmingly simple message is heaven is a real place, Jesus really loves children, and be ready, there is a coming last battle.

Memory Books and Journals

On Coming Alive: Journaling Through Grief: 100 Prompts to Guide You From Darkness to Light

Lexi Behrndt

On Coming Alive: Journaling Through Grief is a 100 prompt guided journal aimed at guiding you through the darkness that often accompanies grief. Featuring inspiring quotes from writers, and other visionaries paired with open-ended questions and prompts, with plenty of room for writing and reflecting, this journal is the perfect companion to guide you through the complexities of grief.

I Love You Still: A Memorial Baby Book

Margaret Scofield

Every memory with your baby is precious, and every baby deserves a beautiful place to be cherished forever. I Love You Still: A Memorial Baby Book was carefully created to hold memories and love for babies taken too soon due to miscarriage, stillbirth, or in their first days of life. Each word and image of this sweet baby book was carefully chosen to be as inclusive as possible for all babies and gestational ages. Professional illustrations by award-winning children's book illustrator Priscilla Alpaugh feature a gender-neutral, nursery animal theme, and the book's secular content allows room for mom to include her own unique spiritual beliefs. I Love You Still combines aspects of traditional baby books with areas for memorialization, with lots of additional journaling space for grieving moms to complete whenever it feels right for them. The book's quality is meant to last, and its content can be revisited for months or years to come. * A beautiful baby memory book, memorial keepsake, and bereavement journal specifically created for the events and emotions that follow miscarriage, stillbirth, or newborn loss * Over 50 full-color professional illustrations featuring a gender-neutral nursery animal theme. Words and images are and carefully designed to be as inclusive as possible for all babies and gestational ages. *

For Friends and Family that don't understand

There is No Good Card for This: What To Say and Do When Life Is Scary, Awful, and Unfair to People You Love

Dr. Kelsey Crowe and Emily McDowell

The creator of the viral hit "Empathy Cards" teams up with a compassion expert to produce a visually stunning and groundbreaking illustrated guide to help you increase your emotional intelligence and learn how to offer comfort and support when someone you know is in pain. When someone you know is hurting, you want to let her know that you care. But many people don’t know what words to use—or are afraid of saying or doing the wrong thing. This thoughtful, instructive guide, from empathy expert Dr. Kelsey Crowe and greeting card maverick Emily McDowell, blends well-researched, actionable advice with the no-nonsense humor and the signature illustration style of McDowell's immensely popular Empathy Cards, to help you feel confident in connecting with anyone experiencing grief, loss, illness, or any other difficult situation. Written in a how-to, relatable, we’ve-all-been-that-deer-in-the-headlights kind of way, There Is No Good Card for This isn’t a spiritual treatise on how to make you a better person or a scientific argument about why compassion matters. It is a helpful illustrated guide to effective compassion that takes you, step by step by step, past the paralysis of thinking about someone in a difficult time to actually doing something (or nothing) with good judgment instead of fear.

Tear Soup: A Recipe for Healing After Loss

Pat Schwiebert and Chuck DeKlyen

If you are going to buy only one book on grief, this is the one to get! It will validate your grief experience, and you can share it with your children. You can leave it on the coffee table so others will pick it up, read it, and then better appreciate your grieving time. Grand's Cooking Tips section at the back of the book is rich with wisdom and concrete recommendations. Better than a casserole!

You are Loved.