About Flutterby Hope


Somewhere around May 2020 I started dreaming up Flutterby Hope.

Gigi passed away in 2016 and immediately after that is was very apparent that society does not grieve properly.  The messy truth is hard and so I guess everyone just wants to pretend its not really there.  Obviously this is a huge problem.

I began working as a Sharing Support Volunteer at Edward Hospital in 2018.  Through that program I spoke with many families about loss and did my best to support them in their grief journeys.

Most people don’t assume the worst when they get pregnant.  It is a joyous time filled with anticipation, hopes and dreams.  When your baby dies it literally changes everything.  everything.

Families feel alone, unseen, misunderstood and in a whole new world that they did not ask for.  Their closest friends may disappear while unexpected people may step up.
It’s just plain shitty.
I want to help.


The Flutters of Light Project is a way to reach both people who have experienced loss and those who haven’t.  Butterflies are left around in the world for people to find, and butterflies are given to those who have lost a baby. It is also a way for people to busy their hands if they wish – making handmade butterflies can be very healing.

This website is the beginning of a resource for you in a few ways.

First – Listing organizations that help to support you navigating your new life.

SecondListing calming activities to try.  Being creative and getting back to nature can really help in the healing process.  Everyone is different so I hope to help you find creative outlets that work for you.  I plan to make patterns, kits and videos on youtube to help this discovery process.

Third – On the blog there will be tons of topics discussed like: Poems, Making Memories, Helping Your Grieving Person, Raw Grief, etc, etc.  My hope is that it will continue to grow and address the questions that I hear when I talk with families.  I’m not a writer so things will end up being short and to the point…  I promise to get out my thesaurus here and there.

Fourth – I will be providing the opportunity for you to share your story of loss on the blog.  It can be healing for others to read, and it can also be healing for you to write it.  If that’s not your thing then you are always welcome to share it with me privately.

One additional note – There is color in this website.  There is hope in this website.  Many websites with similar subject matter are dark/grey/white and pretty monotone.  I’m sure that’s effective for many, but I’m just not that way.  Even in my darkest days I still had some bling on.  I still had my bright pink purse.  I believe in the “AND”.  You can be in a ‘dark’ place, but still have some lightness and fun around you.  Flowers and butterflies make me happy and the colors of the site are inspired by those.


This website was launched February 1st, 2021 and these are my goals!

I will donate a minimum of 50 “Flutters of Light Project” butterflies a month to hospitals and families experiencing loss.

I will get my pattern out to the world so others will begin making butterflies and giving them to those who need them.

I will connect with families and help to them to share their story if they so wish.

I will spotlight one organization each month that will receive a portion of the profits from my sales.

I will connect with other like minded organizations to continue to help grow a community of support and awareness regarding pregnancy and infant loss.

Random Info

Some people ask, so here it is!

GoDaddy: Basic Managed WordPress Website
Theme: “Salient” purchased from Theme Forest (Evato)

Any *air quotes* graphic design(ISH) stuff is done on Canva.  A lot of my instagram posts are made in Canva.  (You really need to check out Canva!)

The photos are taken by me.  We bought a Canon T6 Rebel before Gigi was born intending to take pictures of her.  We did use it for a few of her!  Then it sat for months.  Eventually I figured I should learn to use it and I took a couple courses and found learning photography quite healing.  On Gigi’s “dates” I always go hunting for butterflies to photograph.  It’s also nice to photograph the flowers and insects in my own garden.  I love to continue to learn.  I’m awful at using Lightroom (and hate the time it takes to edit photos) so I try to ‘get the shot right’ when I take it and as a result most of these images are not edited or minimally edited.

If there’s anything else you’re curious about just send me an email.  Andrea@FlutterbyHope.com

You are not alone.