Let’s Make Pompoms!

Scroll down for information on how to make pompoms using the Clover brand pompom maker.

Rainbow Pompoms


After you get the hang of “regular” pompoms give a striped or rainbow one a try!

Click the button to go to my youtube video tutorial on making Rainbow Pompoms.



Making pompoms can be super fun with a multi-colored yarn, single color yarn, or tons of scraps of yarn!  You do you.

Scroll down to learn how to make your own pompom!

Pompom Overview

Pompoms are one of the most underrated crafty items around.

They are fluffy, fun, and can adorn anything.

Working with your hands can be very healing and calming.  Making a pompom is quick and easy and keeps your hands busy.

Note: There are LOTS of ways to make pompoms.  Some people use two cardboard circles with the center cut out, some people use a fork, others use fancy pompom makers from different brands/crafty people.  After years of making pompoms I find the that Clover brand pompom makers are easiest for me to use.

Some of my favorite things to do with pompoms are:

Give them away.
Squeeze them during long online meetings.
Attach them to bags and zippers.
Juggle with them.
Play Bozo Buckets with them.

The possibilities are endless!

I tend to use Acrylic yarn for pompoms just because it seems to hold up better to the use, but you can use whatever you want!

If you are a knitter or crocheter making pompoms is a fun way to use up extra yarn.  Remember that since these will be trimmed and cut you can use as many different strings of yarn as you want!



Minimum to get started
  • portable
  • keeps your hands busy
  • You can finish one quickly!

Let's Make a Pompom!

  1. Pick your yarn
  2. Pick which size Clover pompom maker you’ll use
  3. Find scissors that are SUPER SHARP AND POINTY.  (I promise! This helps!  Honestly the ones I have pictured are not my favorite.  I love THESE.)

Open up the maker and start wrapping!

Wrap as tight as you can and try to make it evenly distributed.

Close that side when you have a lot of yarn on it!  It should fit snuggly.  Make sure you keep it “closed” while wrapping the other side.

Time to Cut!

Now that you have both sides wrapped and closed it’s time to CUT!!!

Get some SUPER SHARP SCISSORS with very pointy tips!

Do your best to cut in the center.

Make sure you keep it “closed” the entire time you are cutting!

Now Secure It!

Make sure to keep both halves CLOSED and now it’s time to tie it up!

Cut another piece of yarn around 10 inches or so.

Put it in between the maker – you can see the ‘slit’ that was created after you cut all of the yarn.  Get it in there!

Wrap it all the way around to the other side and tie a knot.

PULL the knot as TIGHT as you can!  This is what keeps allllll of those teeny piece together to make the pompom!

Then tie a second knot.

After it is secure open the sides and then pull the center of the maker apart.

Close that side when you have a lot of yarn on it!  It should fit snuggly.  Make sure you keep it “closed” while wrapping the other side.

Trim! Trim! Trim!

The key to a great pompom is trimming!

When the pompom comes out and you fluff it, you’ll notice it looks like a football.  This is correct!

Trim the “long” sides of your football first.

For a more loose looking pompom only trim enough to make it into a circle.

For a really tight looking (almost like a tight carpet) trim a lot.

The closer you get to the center the tighter together the yarn will be!

TADA!!  You did it!  Now make tons!

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