The Flutters of Light Project especially focuses on those families dealing with pregnancy and infant loss. My wish is that this butterfly will bring you hope and peace as you busy your hands making something cute. I also hope that you will make a few (or many!) to pass on to others. You can 'help' thse butterflies thoughtfully land at a destination as a loving gift of hope to the person that finds them. For example: a tree in the park or a doorknob of a friend or neighbor.

Flutterby Hope also donates handmade butterflies to hospitals and organizations that support grieving families. Hopefully the butterfly will lighten their day as a symbol of hope and also lead them to this website for resources and support on their grief journey. If you would like to help with donations you can become a "Flutterby Maker". See details below.

The possibilities are endless!

For every butterfly purchased one is donated to a hospital to help support families after they experience a loss.

I hope that these butterflies lighten people's days a bit, while also raising awareness about pregnancy and infant loss.

AndreaFlutterby Hope

MAKE Butterflies!


Penny Butterfly

This is a great pattern for someone learning to crochet. It is in 2 rounds and the pattern is free!


Gigi Butterfly

This is a great pattern for someone who has some experience doing crochet. It is in 3 rounds and the pattern is free!


Iris Butterfly

This is hand drawn by me! You don't want to crochet or sew, but still want to participate? Color this, attach a Flutters of Light Project tag and leave it or gift it!

Get the Free pdf

Audrey Butterfly picture Coming Soon!!!


Audrey Butterfly

This is a butterfly made with felt and stuffed with polyfil! It can be hand sewn or a combination of hand and machine sewn. This free pattern is great for beginners! The pattern will be ready in March!

LEAVE Butterflies!

You can ‘help’ these butterflies thoughtfully land at a destination as a loving gift of hope to the person that finds them.  For example: a tree in the park or a doorknob of a friend or neighbor, or anywhere that looks like a fun and safe place to leave a colorful butterfly.

Every butterfly should always have a Flutters of Light Project tag attached to it.

For crochet butterflies: Please string the tag through the bottom wing of the butterfly with some left over yarn.

For colored paper butterflies: Please print the .pdf onto card stock or a heavy paper.  After coloring, cut out the butterfly and use a hole punch to make a hole for hanging with a string, yarn or ribbon.  You can hang the tag from the same string so that it hangs behind the butterfly.

Don't forget to email me every time you gift or leave butterflies! I'm keeping a running tally of all of the Flutters of Light Butterflies!

There is a place on the tag to name your butterfly.  I encourage you to use a “whimsical name” so as not to trigger anyone in their grief journey.  It also adds to the fun factor and personalization of the project.  To the right is a list of suggestions.

Name your butterfly with whimsy!

Sprinkle, Twinkle, Star, Bubbles, Peanut, Sunshine, Pumpkin, Patches, Pepper, Rosebud, Snowdrop, Birdy, Candy, Flower, Bitsy, Ziggy, Harmony, Snuggles, Sweetie, Cookie, Flutter, Pebbles, Apple, Diva, Bingo, Cutie, Jingle, Waggle, Ruffle, Swish, Dash, Spring, Hoppy, Fiddle, Blinky, Glitter, Oreo, Checkers, Glisten, Pickles, Domino, Bean, Snickers, Arrow, Whimsy, Lavender, Buzz, Button, Cocoa, Luna, Banjo, Bella, Socks, Clover

GIFT Butterflies!

Gifting butterflies is a wonderful way to show your support.

Is there someone in your life who has had a loss?  A handmade butterfly is a simple and loving gift of support.  (Note: It doesn’t matter if their loss was recent or many years ago.  It’s never too late to show support.)

Many of the pictures are of the crochet butterflies, but don’t forget that there is also the Iris Butterfly that you can print and color.  Anyone can color this and gift it.

Don’t forget that pregnancy and infant loss affects kids too.  Maybe their Aunt and Uncle had a loss and they are sad.  They can color the Iris Butterfly and give it to them to show their love and support.

As stated above make sure each butterfly is accompanied by a Flutters of Light Project tag!

FIND & RECEIVE Butterflies!

I'm so excited to hear about your butterfly!

  • I would love to hear from you about finding or receiving a butterfly. Where? When? Do tell!
  • Max. file size: 64 MB.
    Share a picture of your butterfly!

BUY & REQUEST Butterflies!

So you don’t want to make any butterflies, but you still want to participate?
No problem!
I have pre-made butterflies in my shop for you to purchase!  Click here.

Are you a non-profit or an organization that would like a bulk supply of butterflies to give out?
No problem!
Please contact me and we’ll set something up!  Butterflies can be donated to non-profits and hospitals by Flutterby Hope so don’t hesitate to request them for your organization.  Email me at

Become a "Flutterby Maker"

Are you someone who would like to help me out from time to time?

I’d love to have a group of volunteers who make butterflies for me to donate!

Eventually I’ll make a facebook group and we can share ideas and I can also let you know when we need more butterflies to be donated to hospitals and organizations.

Fill out the form below to join me!!!

Just breathe.