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Brooke’s story written by her Mom.

My husband and I have been married for 8 years and had been trying for a child for almost three years.  Through out those three years we became more and more discouraged that we would never get pregnant despite following all the advice from doctors, friends, family, books, blogs, etc.  Marc and I sat down a few times and discussed maybe going to see an infertility clinic to see if they had any insight on why we could not get pregnant.

We had a lot of reservations about seeing an infertility specialist but we were at a loss at this point.  We decided to take the first step and sat down with an infertility doctor to get some advise.  After several tests it was found that my husband had a very low count and it was suggested that we try IVF.  We went home… talked and prayed about this for several weeks.  I was not sure if I was mentally or even physically ready to take on this challenge let alone the cost of IVF.

In January of 2019 we discussed to take the jump of faith and move forward with the IVF process.  Everything seemed to be going as planned…

On the day of our egg retrieval we were both feeling very hopeful, they told us that 12 eggs were taken and we would know in about four days how many eggs were viable after being fertilized.

We got the long awaited call informing us that only 1 of the eggs matured to the next stage and we would only have one shot at our bundle of joy.

Moving forward a few days I had my post transfer blood work and it showed we were indeed finally pregnant… We were both so excited and felt so blessed that our one shot turned out to be our miracle bundle of joy, so we thought…

As the weeks went on things seems to going well other then me having horrible morning sickness but everyone kept telling me that was a sign of a healthy pregnancy…

In August of 2019 I went for my routine 15 week OB check up and heard our little girls heart beat and she sounded so healthy.  We had planned a family trip to Vegas that year.  I got the all clear to travel, enjoy the vacation and to check back at 18 weeks.  Vacation was going well we were having fun but one day I suddenly had a sense of worry came over me.  I could not pin point what it was but I just felt scared and worried.

When we returned home I saw my OB for my next check up and it turned out to be the worse day of our lives.  My doctor searched for some time for a heartbeat and there was nothing but deafening silence.  My doctor proceeded to do an ultrasound, there was my baby girl but there was nothing but silence and then came the worst words “I am sorry but there is no heartbeat”…  We had to go to the hospital to have a different ultrasound to confirm our worse nightmare.

That day our world was turned upside down and forever changed.  I miss my little Brooke so much every day.  Wish I was able to see her pretty face, hold her close and tell her how much I love her.

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