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Beads of Courage was one of the organizations that supported Gigi during her time in the hospital.  For every procedure she had she ‘earned’ a bead.  The crazier the procedure, the fancier the bead!  Many of the beads are handmade by artists and volunteers.

When she passed away she received a Butterfly Bead which is just beautiful.

She received a beautiful handmade bag to keep the beads and a card where we could check off the procedures she underwent.  I recently purchased the little “beads of courage” tags to put on the bags.  I’m all set to start making them and donate them to Beads of Courage!  (It only took me 4 years to be ‘okay’ enough to do this!)

We still haven’t decided what we’re going to do with all of her beads.  It’s really fun to see what kids do with them!  They are very creative!  I’m thinking maybe we’ll string them up and put them on a canvas in the shape of a butterfly!?  hmmmmm.
This program is in many hospitals world wide and it helps to brings smiles to children of all ages.  Please take a moment to click the button below and check them out!

Beads of Courage

Recently I became a “Courage Keeper” and I set up a recurring monthly donation indefinitely.  You should consider it!   There are opportunities to make beads, make bags or donate money.

So for the months of February, March & April I will donate a portion of my Flutterby Hope sales to Beads of Courage!

Here’s how you can help!!!

Help by raising awareness and sharing their cause on social media!
Help by sewing Beads of Courage bags and donating them.
Help by making a one time donation. (They are a non-profit!)
Help by becoming a Courage Keeper and make recurring monthly donations.

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